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Innovation design for the impeller and
casing provide high efficiency and power savin.
Open and vortex design impeller with flat cutting
provide impeller working without clogging or binding.
A long term reliable operation save the cost of repairing.

• GNWQ pump series are the most efficient submersible
  sewage pump in the market.
• GNWQ pump series can keep working efficiently In long
  term, even in water with large amount of particles and fibers.
• GNWQ pump series are excellent non – clogging series pumps,
  innovation design for drinding pump in the world.
• GNWQ is FOURTH series design.

GNWQ quality id proved by testing and realitay using of 15000pcs pump.
Efficient Non – clogging characteristic maybe seems too perfect for you.
But a lot of practical applications and laboratory tests have proved that
GNWQ pumps are the best sewage pumps nowadays in the world.
Both from performance of high efficiency and anti – clogging.

GNWQ lowest price.
By big quality and production line GNWQ price is similar with the
Normal sewage pump without cutter.








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